Our Values

TCV Strategy Planning Team
September 13, 2002

Any organization, structure, or building is only as good as the foundation on which it is built, Our foundation is based on the Lord Jesus Christ, who is our cornerstone, and our values are derived from his teaching and example

We value a vibrant relationship with God
We seek to develop this relationship through individual and corporate prayer, worship and bible study, relying on the Holy Spirit to reveal the Father to us and remind us of all that Jesus said. As we more fully understand Jesus' love for us and obey His teaching, we expect to become more like Him in character, authority and power.

We value strong authentic relationships within Tri-City Vineyard
We endeavor to see Gods love displayed among us by building community through fellowship and friendship. We recognize that the church is not something we do or attend, but is the living body of Christ, and see the necessity of caring relationships which make us accountable to one another. We value each family and person in our fellowship, regardless of age, race, gender or social status. We seek to build one another up by encouraging each other with both words and actions, communicating openly and working together, acting with integrity and honesty in all we do. We also value having fun together!

We value unified relationships with the wider church
We commit ourselves to have a mutually accountable relationship with the regional and national Vineyard leadership. We desire to work together with other local fellowships and pray for unity in the body of Christ in the rest of Canada and around the world. We value sending people and other resources to advance the Kingdom of God worldwide.

We value our relationship with the local unchurched community
We aim to show God's mercy by being generous with what God has given us - both physically and spiritually. We desire to reveal God's grace by embracing people from all walks of life. Our goal is to be culturally relevant in all we do, keeping languages and practices current, and, most of all, to be a good and true picture of what the kingdom of God looks like.