Our Vision

TCV Strategy Planning Team
September 13, 2002

From the winter of 2001 to the spring of 2002 the Strategy Planning Team worked on developing and articulating our Values, Vision, and Mission. During this time we asked the whole fellowship to be in prayer for this process as well as having a corporate three day fast. We particularly sought God for His vision for our fellowship. Through study, prayer, and sharing our hearts and dreams with each other, we wrestled to find the words to communicate what God had been revealing to us. Several of us received a similar word picture that the whole group identified with. While not strictly a "vision" for our fellowship, we believe that this picture expresses in part God's desire for the Tri-Cities.

The Fire
A word picture for TriCity Vineyard

God has not left the Tri-Cities. His love is smoldering in the hearts of His people all around this area. He is sending His wind on these hearts, igniting them into a living flame. As the rekindled hearts of His people draw closer to Jesus and each other, the cumulative blaze they produce is visible from a great distance. It is brilliant, alluring and intrusive, and stands out in great contrast to our culture and community. Many are surprised to discover that they have been living in darkness, and seek out the source of light and warmth. Others are repelled by the sudden radiance and choose to withdraw and hide rather than be exposed by the light.

TCV Vision Statement

This vision articulates our idea of success as a church. This is what we are aiming for!

Our vision is to see the Kingdom of God come as fully as possible in our time and place; advancing as an unstoppable fire.

What does this Kingdom of God look like?

  • God's people are unashamedly and passionately in love with Him -- they are a community of believers who make Him their home and who store up treasures in heaven. They are devoted to the teachings of Jesus and are contagious with His love.
  • God's people share their lives together and are steadfastly devoted to one another. There is unity among believers -- agreement, working together and love between the churches in the Tri-City area.
  • God's people are compassionate and loving toward the poor and disadvantaged in our society, which is demonstrated through our prayers and actions. We serve in love and give without expecting anything in return.
  • God's people are expecting, declaring and seeing the visible signs and wonders of His Kingdom -- the good news is preached, people are being saved on a daily basis, and people healed both physically and spiritually -- the lame walk, the deaf hear, the blind see, the dead are raised.

Our local community is confronted morally and socially as God's Kingdom is established. This results in both allegiance and opposition to the reign of God. Spiritual battles are fought and there is an emotional and physical cost to believers as persecution occurs. But the consuming fire of God will prevail - His Kingdom is forever. Come Lord Jesus!