Our Mission

TCV Strategy Planning Team
September 13, 2002

TriCity Vineyard Mission

To know, love and honour the King, to build, equip, and mobilize His subjects, and to advance His Kingdom in our every realm of influence.

Our Mission Toward God

Our first calling as a fellowship of believers is to know God, through relationship with Jesus (Matthew 22:36-37, John 15:1-8).

We engage in this relationship as individuals through:

We engage in this relationship corporately by:

  • Hearing and acting on the word of God. (either from Bible teaching or prophetic ministry) James 1:22-25
  • Worship (corporate expressions of God's Kingship through song, the arts, acts of service, etc.) Colossians 3:16
  • Corporate prayer (agreeing together before God with our requests) Matthew 18:18

Our Mission To His Church

Build and Equip His Subjects (Ephesians 4:11-13)

As Jesus discipled he built a relationship of love, encouraged and challenged his followers, and emotionally invested himself into building them up. We want to follow Jesus pattern of discipleship by giving of ourselves and our gifts and talents, for the encouragement and building up of the body of Christ.

Jesus equipped or discipled his followers in the following ways:

  • Teaching: telling them about the kingdom (Mark 4:3-20)
  • Training: walking them through hands on experience (Matthew 14)
  • Modeling: Openly living out a kingdom life. (John 14:11)
  • Releasing: Allowing disciples to go out and try kingdom ministry on their own. (Sending of the twelve, sending of the seventy-two, Great Commission)

It is important to note that Jesus not only equipped his disciples to be compassionate and of godly character (Sermon on the Mount), but also equipped them to walk in the same power that he walked in. (Sending the twelve, great commission, etc.) So at TriCity Vineyard we aim to equip people in:

  • Character: Love and Compassion for the lost, poor, sick, disadvantaged, justice and mercy for all people, and continual development of the "fruit of the Spirit."
  • Power: Healing the sick, releasing those oppressed by demons, restoring sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, and the ability to walk to the lame. Even raising the dead.

Our Mission To The World

Our mission is to take the Kingdom into all the world. We do this by living out the character and power of the Kingdom in our work places, the marketplace, in the streets, at social events or any other corner of our world or culture where God leads us. We bring His Kingdom to these places by:

  • Exercising faith by listening to the Holy Spirit's leading and risking our reputations in acts of obedience. (Jude 1:19-23 & Luke 9:23-26)

As we pursue his leading, we will find ourselves:

  • Proclaiming that the Kingdom is here: that God has made a way for all people to live under his rule.
  • Living lives that demonstrate Kingdom values: that our choices reflect God's priorities of love and relationship rather than our selfish ambitions. (Ephesians 5:19-26)
  • Demonstrating Kingdom power as we walk out our lives in this world.