Core Leaders

TCV Strategy Planning Team
September 13, 2002

We have adopted a decentralized leadership structure which emphasizes teams over individuals. The position of Core Leaders is the same as that of a biblical Elder or Pastor - however, we choose to use different terminology because our culture has redefined the expectations put on people with such titles which we feel are not biblically correct. We see the biblical leaders working as a team and we wish to be true to this model. Our Core Leaders work as a team, with a Team Leader who is responsible to facilitate, encourage, and provide accountability.

Our Core leaders, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, make decisions for the spiritual welfare of our body. They oversee the programs and ministries of our fellowship, and their areas of responsibility include:

  • Teaching/preaching
  • Praying for the Body
  • Pastoral Care
  • Overseeing Ministry Teams
  • Working out of Vision and Mission
  • Appointing Core Leaders and Team Leaders
  • Equipping the Body for Kingdom Ministry

The Core Leaders Team has the authority to make decisions about any of the above responsibilities, and all team members share authority on an equal basis. The Team Leader does not have more authority (even if he/she is a paid employee of the church) but will likely have more influence because he/she will likely have invested more time into matters surrounding decisions. Decisions are not made by vote, but are arrived at through prayer, the application of God's Word, and discussion. Financial decisions regarding any single transaction above a value of $500 outside the approved annual budget cannot be made without the consent of the Team of Directors.

The Core Leaders Team is accountable spiritually, through its team leader to the Area Pastoral Coordinator in our area and to the Western Regional Team. They are accountable legally, with the Directors, to the British Columbian and Canadian governments as a charitable society. It is also accountable to the fellowship of TriCity Vineyard by always being ready to receive input or biblical correction from the body, together with having an Annual General Meeting each year. Internal accountability is kept by keeping minutes of team meetings, constant communication and by recording and reviewing goals and timelines twice a year.