People and Groups

We believe that the church should not be viewed as an institution or a building. Our church is the people who make up the congregation and below are some of the individuals and groups that make up who we are:

Core Leaders

Our core leaders team is responsible for spiritual decisions and oversight within the body. The team consists of Bob & Rose Gadd, Scott & Gina Young, Rob & Irene Sclater, Geri Hoyrup, and Mike & Rachel Goetz. Bob Gadd acts in the role of Team Leader, and Scott Young is the church administrator. More details on the responsibilities, authority and accountability of the Core Leaders can be found here.


The area of worship is a key component in the Vineyard movement. We give priority to corporate worship in our meetings and strongly encourage the incorporation of worship in our daily lives. Our Sunday services always begin with a time of worship where everyone is included; children and adults. We enjoy the opportunity to model worship for our young people and in turn see them express their heart for God through worship. Ultimately our desire is that our worship be inclusive and open to everyone, and involve both corporate unity and individual expression.

Our worship team consists of Mike & Rachel Goetz, Rob Sclater, Bob Gadd, and Val Sclater, with Mike and Rachel acting as the Worship Team leaders. All of us take turns leading and playing during congregational worship

International Missions

We give away 10% of our annual operating budget as a tithe to God's work outside the sphere of our local body. It is our aim to be intentional with our budgets and missions giving, by establishing criteria for missions giving and then committing to support those individuals or groups that meet that criteria. In the long term our desire is to "send out" people resources from our own fellowship. In the short term we commit to being faithful in giving financial and prayer support to missionaries which we have become connected to.

At this time we commit to supporting Mac and Louise Jardine (in Hong Kong), David Waines (in Liberia), and Daryl Wright (from WorldServe Ministries) financially, as well as communicating their news and needs to our fellowship on a regular basis so that we can hold them up in prayer.

Local Missions

Jim and Yvonne Armstrong are heavily involved in local missions. We have a connection with the Rainbow Mission in the downtown Eastside part of Vancouver, where members from our fellowship along with others run a service at the mission every Friday night from 7:30 to 8:30pm. There are also new opportunities in local missions including the distribution of bread to local families.

Children and Youth

More than half of our church congregation is made up of children and youth. Given this makeup, we are putting a greater emphasis on our children and youth, including Sunday School, bible studies, and regular Super Happy Fun Youth Events. For more information on upcoming youth events, check out the events section. Rachel Goetz and Rod Sclater are the insane adults that keep the youth in order.


Our mens fellowship group has been meeting regularly since 2002 and we have seen a great amount of growth and depth of relationship amongst the men in our church during that time. In addition to a yearly retreat, we plan regular mens night meetings to accomplish the dual goal of deepening relationships and having fun. Mike Goetz and Rob Sclater currently oversee the mens group.


The ladies also organize regular meetings as well as a yearly Spring retreat. We have found that the mens and ladies groups function much like traditional church homegroups, where scheduled meetings include Bible Studies, personal testimonies, and social events. Ladies group events are organized by Geri Hoyrup, Vicki D'Onofrio and Mari Aikia